Here we go 


Woke up this morning 

With a smile oh so wide 

Not a care in this world 

Yeah, I'm feeling oh so fine 

Got this thing down cold 

Feeling so bold 

Nothing can turn me around 

And soon the World will know 


Good Day, Such a Good Day 


But I can remember a time 

Not so long ago 

When they all turned their backs 

Now it's time to show 

The little Freak that they knew 

Is coming up from behind 

They'll be no laughing this time 

Vengence will be mine 


It's a Good Day, Such a Good Day 


How is it I'm standing here 

with this gun in my hand 

I can't recall what brought me to 

the suffering at hand 

Have I always thought this way 

Is this really who I am? 

Now the die is cast 

Time to begin 

Justice is at hand 

It's a good day

Little Lies 

A Little Body-A Little Life 
Was shortened by- a little lie 
What did she say- when he was gone? 
He never was my Son 

These are the lies we choose 

Fear- Surrounding me 
Fear- It’s drowning me 
Fear- I can’t catch my breath 
(These are the lies we choose) 
(These are the lies we choose) 

Fear- Why can’t you see 
Fear- This isn’t me 
Fear- I’m already Dead 
(These are the lies we choose) 

These Little lies- We tell ourselves 
They’re just for Us- Nobody Else 
My Truth is Mine-It’s not for You 
These are the lies we choose

On The Beat 

Verse 1 

cops on the beat, coming up my street 

seeming like every day 

pain all around, coming up from the ground 

nothing left to do but pray 

a 10-34, they're knocking on my door 

someones gonna have to pay 

just wanna know, where they gotta go 

now they're heading up the back stairway 

On the Beat 

Verse 2 

Up on the roof, looking for some proof 

now they're talking on the radio 

when down from below, a rumble starts to grow 

soon we're gonna know the truth 

a body on the ground, in the alley just around 

from where we put the trash at night 

just a little boy, someone's pride and joy 

now he's gotta fight for his life 

On the Beat 

Verse 3 

the crowd gathers round, buzzing with a sound 

the accusations start to fly 

When a groan of despair, cuts through the air 

As his mother is brought out hands bound 

"The Devils Spawn! I've laid Him low! 

She cries for all to hear 

I cast him from our high window 

Just leave Him lying there!" 

On the Beat 

Verse 4 

How easily a tortured mind 

to be lead astray 

The child she sought to destroy 

may come back for us someday 

On the Beat