Are They Me? 

Do they look to me now 

as I look to them? 

a horror, a freak, a grotesque 

Will I do to them now 

as they did back then? 

and cause suffering without an end 

Will joy fill my heart 

as I tear them apart 

or is it time for an end? 

Does an eye for an eye 

leave everyone blind 

or will I see Justice descend


We heard the gunshots on TV 
We saw the people fly 
The bloody faces, the mangled lives 
so very few survived 


The Hero’s raced to the site 
The sirens wailed and cried 
The People gathered with shaking hands 
there was no sleeping that night 

The first Survivors started to speak 
They saw nothing in His eyes 
Familiar face, They’d seen him before 
Then he lifted His gun, and they died 

What do you see, when you see me? 
What do you see through your eyes? 
What do you feel, when you hurt me? 
Do you feel justified? 

(whispered) Monster 

who's the Monster?