P1 Intro 

Verse P2 

They gather round, out of curiosity 

They've never seen, such atrocity 

Look at those clothes, look at that hair 

A boy like that, had best beware 


monstrosity, anomaly 

angered at my despair 


Freak! Freak! 

Verse P2 

He walks alone, to school each day 

Taunted by the words, he hears them say 

They call him "Freak", no mothers child 

Every day, he feels defiled 


catastrophe, react to me 

you need me to be here 

Bridge P5 

what would you do 

with out this freak oh so near 

if not for this monster 

you'd have to face all your fears 

Break P6 


Freak! Freak! 

Verse P2 

Just set me free, from all this scrutiny 

Just set me free, I'm not some oddity 

Why must you see me as some rarity 

Where you see Freak, I'm just seeing me 



Da da da dt da dah 


The Net 

Are you There? 

Scoured the World looking to find 

someone akin to you 

Pupil, Friend, Brother of mine 

Now I find him in you 

Devoted to the Higher cause 

Defender of the Truth 

Just follow me, together we'll find 

A power you never knew 

Are you there? 

You foundered in the raging sea 

held at every turn 

They laughed at all your misery 

It's time to make them burn 

I'll lay the plan at your feet 

perfect in detail 

I send my Monster unto them 

Together we can't fail 

Are you there? 

How we'll laugh at their pride 

as our work begins 

like wolves among the sheep we'll hide 

their blood upon our chins 

The fools will fall, one and all 

helpless at the sight 

at such a one as you my friend 

in vengeance and in might

The Turning Tide 

Now they'll see 

the price to pay 

for arrogance and pride 

now they'll see 

what happens when 

the Freak has turned the tide 

Now you'll feel my pain 

Now you'll feel my pain 

it's time to show 

the hapless fools 

the pain that they have caused 

I'm coming back 

to burn them down 

I'll be the Freak no more 

Now you'll feel my pain 

Now you'll feel my pain